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‘’A maven (also mavin) is a trusted expert in a particular field,

who seeks to pass knowledge on to others’’


Company profile


Maven Brokers Pte Ltd was founded at the end of 2016. The company is based in Singapore and was founded by Sebastian Day.  Soon after its inception, the venture was joined by John Tunnell. 

Together they have more than 31 years of experience, with company founder, Sebastian Day, having developed his entire career within the tanker industry. 

Today, Maven Brokers is the market leader in arranging cargo shipments of 80,000 to 120,000 tons of crude and dirty petroleum products, such as crude oil and crude fuel, from the Middle East. 



Sebastian Day


Sebastian arrived in Singapore in January 2002 to join Aries Shipbroking as an intern. Shortly after, he joined Island Shipbrokers' Operations Department and in late 2003, he became a tanker broker at the company.

Island was sold to ICAP in April 2012 and, 3 years later, ICAP sold it to Howe Robinson Partners. In October 2016, Sebastian left Howe Robinson Partners to start this company.


John Tunnell

In 2001, John Tunnell began his career in London with JP Morgan Chase Bank, working across two functions within the Human Resources department.

After spending 8 years at JP Morgan Chase, John relocated to Singapore in 2010 to join AMEC Foster Wheeler.

Here, he expanded his Human Resources experience further into other areas, such as People Management, Global Taxation, International Human Resources processes, as well as Compensation and Benefits. Throughout, his work had a strong emphasis on new country business start-ups. 


In 2010, Andrea started his career as a Tanker Broker at Sernavimar based in Italy, focusing on East of Suez DPP market. 

He decided to relocate to Singapore in 2016 to join Odin Marine’s dirty desk. 

Looking for new challenges, Andrea moved to Maven Brokers in 2019. 

Andrea Salvatore


Marius Hagen

After 2 years as a trainee in O-J. Libaek & Partners A/S in Oslo, Marius moved to Singapore in 1995 to join Eastport Maritime Pte Ltd as a Tanker Broker.

After nearly 10 years, he left for the newly set up ACM Shipping's Singapore office.

In 2012, he left ACM to start up the CPP desk of Alliance Tanker Chartering covering CPP on all sizes in Far East and Middle East.

Marius joined Maven Brokers in 2019.


Christine Chan

In 2001, Christine began her career as a ship Operator at Alliance Tanker Chartering handling the day-to-day Operations and Claims. After 5 years, she left to further her career at ACM Shipping Singapore for another 2 years and thereafter, moved to Odin Marine Singapore in 2008. 

Christine joined Maven Brokers in 2019.


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